Museum without Walls

Museum without Walls

Museum without Walls

DiMoDA 3.0, 2018. SIGGRAPH Asia partnership.

Digital animation of the skeleton of the bird Rhea americana, based on kinematic study.

Cacau (Nice N. Avanza, oil on canvas, 1988) - access in augmented reality

Third World flag.

© The Kremer Museum

The Space Expanding Room: AFAAB in VR - The virtual Ant Farm Antioch Art Building is a digital space constructed from 1971 archival architect’s drawings. In this virtual space, avatars can meet, chat, graffiti, attend events, and make art, just as students were once able to interact in the real space, before it was abandoned in 2008. An AFAAB production. Concept, curating, and direction by Catalina Alvarez and Liz Flyntz. Construction and design by Ty Clapsaddle.

David Hall, TV Interruptions: The Installation, 1971. VR setup at Besides the Screen Conference, Kings College, London, 2018 (© Adam Lockhart).

Donation of pieces from the Museum of Removals' collection to the National History Museum (© Luiz Claudio Silva / Museum of Removals collection).

Museums Without Walls exhibition