Museum without Walls

Museum without Walls

Museum without Walls

Torre (Heide Liebermann, 1981) - access in augmented reality

Macrophallic amulter recovered from the fire at the National Museum (© LAPID).

untitled (Regina Chulam, oil on canvas, 1982) - access in augmented reality

Map of the Third World's south-southeast island, 2011.

"Universe" plate - Introdução ao Terceiro Mundo, 2011.

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil - Rio de Janeiro, 2011.

Stratigraphic Turbidities exhibition, by Yuri Frimeza - Museu de Arte do Rio, 2013 (© Wilton Montenegro)

The digitization of the Bendegó meteorite with the HandySCAN 3D was done in several parts that were digitally merged.