Museum without Walls

Museum without Walls

Museum without Walls

Phi Books (© Antonopoulou & Dare).

Dossiers, Magazines, and Reports

untitled (Levino Fanzeres, oil on agglomerate, undated) - access in augmented reality

"Universe" plate - Introdução ao Terceiro Mundo, 2011.

Digitization of the coffin of the mummy Sha-Amum-em-su with the HandySCAN 3D.

© The Kremer Museum

Making of sculptures from the rubble of house demolitions at Vila Autódromo (© Luiz Claudio Silva / Museum of Removals collection).

Weekly meeting of the contidonãocontido project, with the curators-educators.

Non-space I (the degrading idea of home) - This  work seeks to displace and reformulate the social aspect of the WebVR space. Employing verticality, mirroring as well as dislocation of the voice and images of viewer inhabited avatar bodies, it teases out other possibilities of social interaction to be explored. Concept and realization: Commonolithic.