Museum without Walls

Museum without Walls

Museum without Walls

Macrophallic amulter recovered from the fire at the National Museum (© LAPID).

Digital animation of the skeleton of the bird Rhea americana, based on kinematic study.

Torre (Heide Liebermann, 1981) - access in augmented reality

Dja Guata Porã exhibition, Museu de Arte do Rio, 2017-8.

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil - Rio de Janeiro, 2011.

untitled (Regina Chulam, oil on canvas, 1982) - access in augmented reality

Cacau (Nice N. Avanza, oil on canvas, 1988) - access in augmented reality

Photogrammetry mapping of Roman amphorae in the Mediterranean Culture room. Photos were obtained using a drone because the floor of the room was covered by pieces of collection items, making it impossible to reach these items.

Phi Books VR (© Antonopoulou & Dare).