Museum without Walls

Museum without Walls

Museum without Walls

Painting on the walls of a rock shelter in the city of Carrancas/MG (© LAPID).

Weekly meeting of the contidonãocontido project, with the curators-educators.

The digitization of the Bendegó meteorite with the HandySCAN 3D was done in several parts that were digitally merged.

"Universe" plate - Introdução ao Terceiro Mundo, 2011.

© The Kremer Museum

Perhaps the act of appropriation has an element of appreciation, but it is much more than that. Tutorship implies concern, but such response is not the only way (or the best one) to demonstrate care.

David Hall, TV Interruptions: The Installation, 1971. Schematic showing 3D construction of Hantarex monitor in Maya software by Sang Hun Yu (© University of Dundee/Estate of David Hall).