Museum without Walls

Museum without Walls

Museum without Walls

Riverine Archive, VR screen capture (© Antonopoulou & Dare).

What happens then in the future if an artist, collector or gallery wishes to re-exhibit an artwork where the original equipment has not been collected or the equipment required is entirely obsolete and unavailable?

Digitization of the fossilized skeleton of Mariliasuchus amarali with the Artec MHT.

DiMoDA 1.0 poster for Superchief gallery, 2016.

Painting on the walls of a rock shelter in the city of Carrancas/MG (© LAPID).

David Hall, TV Interruptions: The Installation, 1971. Original installation plans (© Estate of David Hall/University of Dundee).

Some other Espírito Santo Art Museum.

Map of the exhibition route across the Museum of Removals (© Luiz Claudio Silva / Museum of Removals collection).