Museum without Walls

Museum without Walls

Museum without Walls

© The Kremer Museum

Non-space I (the degrading idea of home) - This  work seeks to displace and reformulate the social aspect of the WebVR space. Employing verticality, mirroring as well as dislocation of the voice and images of viewer inhabited avatar bodies, it teases out other possibilities of social interaction to be explored. Concept and realization: Commonolithic.

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil - Rio de Janeiro, 2011.

David Hall, TV Interruptions: The Installation, 1971. Comparison of real installation (Installed at Museum of Modern Art - MUMOK, Vienna, 2010) and VR simulation. Model by Sang Hun Yu (© University of Dundee/Estate of David Hall).

House demolition at Vila Autódromo (© Luiz Claudio Silva / Museum of Removals collection).

Fragmentos Rítmicos (Dionísio del Santo, oil on canvas, 1995) - access in augmented reality

VR as a Presentation and Simulation Tool for Media Art Installations (presented at the ISEA 2020 Conference).